We supply a vast range of table lamps and products to restaurants, clubs, casinos, hotels and the hospitality industry throughout the UK. Table Lamps, Chafing Fuel, Liquid Wax Fuel Cells and Candles are all available at very competitive prices.

Table lamps are available from the K.Sauer, Candola, Lumea and The Bar Brand ranges in varied sizes, shapes, styles and coloured finishes, with shades in clear, opaque or coloured glass.

Fuel cell lamps, also known as candle lamps or oil table lamps offer a safer, cleaner and more cost effective alternative to wax candles, creating an ambient and relaxing atmosphere for any establishment.

The oil, which only burns with a wick, gives a clean odourless flame and the long internal wick ensures maximum burn time by using 100% of the available fuel.

Please look through our Products to see the comprehensive range of lamps and fuels that we supply.

Our lamps are rated either 3, 4 or 5 stars depending on the style and quality of finish. This will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding the type of lamps you would like for your establishment.

Our delivery cost is £7.95, but orders over £75.00 excl VAT are free of charge delivery.*

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