NikLights Lamps

Sophisticated, Elegant and Prestigious

The NikLights range of table lamps are designed and manufactured in Germany. The precision engineering and elegant construction are the hallmarks of the NikLights range, meaning these prestigious Table Lamps are the market leaders in quality, sophistication and elegance. There are a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from, whether you are after a traditional or a more modern looking table lamp, with numerous coloured candle sleeves and a range of different bases and glass shades allowing bespoke creations to be made to suit the ambiance and feel of your restaurant, bar, hotel, club or casino. The bases are all uniquely styled, with gold or nickel plating, as well as a range of wooden finishes offering real versatility. The glass shades are clear, opaque, deco styled, crack styled and even threaded with colour, depending on the chosen accompanying base. With a wide range of coloured or plated deco sleeves, you can transform the lamps to suit the colour schemes and styles of your restaurant. The beauty and quality of these lamps is clearly evident and they are sure to make a real statement in your chosen establishment.

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