Liquid Wax Fuel Cells and Chafing Fuel

Decorlamps and Fuels have the largest range and most competitive prices of Liquid Wax Fuel Cells in the UK. Because of this, we are able to recommend the best Liquid Candle Cells to use with the table lamp that you have and can even suggest different options for Candola, Lumea, K.Sauer and KSI Fuel Cells that may be more cost effective for you. The Liquid Wax Fuel Cells are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the different styles of the table lamps available in the UK, such as Sterno, Lumea, K.Sauer and Candola. Fuel Cell Lamps, also known as Candle Lamps or Oil Table Lamps, offer a safer, cleaner and more cost effective alternative to wax candles, creating an ambient and relaxing atmosphere for any establishment. The oil, which only burns with a wick, gives a clean odourless flame and the long internal wick ensures maximum burn time by using 100% of the available fuel. We now have an Eco-Fuel available which can be used by both domestic and commercial users. It contains a vegetable palm oil, rather than a paraffin oil, which is less hazardous if consumed. The Vegetable Oil has been specially formulated to eliminate any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The Chafing Fuel is a DEG Wick burning fuel, sold in box quantities of 24. The prices of the Chafing Fuel are extremely competitive! They burn very hot for up to 6 hours, meaning that they are ideal for a buffet style dinner service.

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